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Stamp Gallery was formed by a small group of artists, collectors and investors from Vancouver, Canada who shared a vision as to how they could enhance their artistic experience. In early 2012, they opened their gallery at 1875 Powell Street in East Vancouver, with the intention of expanding their horizons onto the international scene. The strategy of exhibiting internationally as an element of growth is a simple one. At first, competing on the world stage is most certainly a roller-coaster of emotions – mostly humbling as the competitive reality sets in; however, being surrounded by a discerning audience, a multitude of artistic influences, mentors and magnificent works of art can have a positive affect on ones development. Such diverse influences compounded by the challenges of stiff international competition, generate an environment where constant artistic adaptation becomes the norm. It is this alchemy of absolute uncertainty that inspires and binds our synergy known as Stamp Gallery.

We sincerely hope that you will take the time to visit Stamp Gallery in Vancouver or at one of the international art fairs that are posted in the events section of our website.  

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